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Our school year is divided into 4 semesters, each consists of approximately 45 instructional days. Students who are enrolled in a full-year program will take a maximum of 2 individual credits courses during each semester.

September 2022-2023 Calendar

SemesterStart DateEnd Date
IMonday, September 12thFriday, November 4th
IITuesday, November 8thTuesday, January 31st
IIIMonday, February 6thTuesday, April 18th
IVMonday, April 24thSunday, June 4th

Daily Class Schedule

Each school day during a semester will consist of exactly 2 Periods and a Lunch Break. Each period consists of 180 minutes of instruction for a single credit course. Throughout a given semester, a student will have the exact same courses at the same times during every school day.

PeriodStart TimeEnd Time
19:00 am12:00 pm
Lunch12:05 pm12:55 pm
21:00 pm4:00 pm