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IELTS Preparation

New students coming directly from Vietnam only. Average of the immediate preceding two years of school work is at least 80 percent and most recent IELTS score of at least 5.0.

Course NameFee (CAD)
IELTS Beginner (40 hours + 2 mock exams)$2,000
IELTS Immediate (40 hours + 2 mock exams)$2,000
IELTS Advanced (40 hours +2 mock exams$2,000

Individual Credits Courses

EMC also provides classes for students who need to complete, upgrade or retake individual high school credits courses in the Ontario High School Curriculum. A list of available courses will be made available soon.

Summer Camps

We will be organizing summer camps specifically tailored to high school students. These summer camps will introduce students to interesting topics not usually encountered in a typical high school. curriculum, such as webpage designs, computer animations, mathematical problem solving, and much more. Of course, extra-curricular/social activities will be an integral part of our summer camp programs to make sure that our campers will be having lots of fun during their stay with us. More information will be made available shortly.

High School Tutoring

We offer expert tutoring in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Coding for students from grades 9-12.

Private TutoringSmall Group Tutoring
$50/ hour2 students: $75/hour
$500/12 hours3 students: $100/1.5 hours

Topics-Focused Courses in Mathematics

We will offer six-hour or longer sessions in certain topics of high school mathematics (such as absolute values, inequalities, trigonometry) that many students find especially challenging. These sessions will typically have at least 10 students. More information will be made available shortly.

Math Proficiency Test for Teachers

EMC Academy will run a 12-hour prep course to help future teachers in Ontario achieve the required minimum score of 70 percent on the Ontario Mathematics Proficiency Test. Our instructors for this course will be current high school math teachers/university professors who have a record of exceptional teaching credentials and experience. Students who enroll in this course will be allowed to retake the entire course or any part of it, completely free of charge, for as long as is needed. In addition to the twelve in-class hours, students will also be given a self-study package. This package contains easy-to-understand explanations of all the relevant background materials and various practice problem sets with detailed solutions. This will allow students the opportunity to go over what were covered during classes at their own time and pace.