EMC Silver Scholarship

Up to 30 scholarships ranging from $1000 CAD - $4000 CAD will be given to new students who have achieved good academic standings during the immediate preceding two years.

EMC Silver Scholarship


Eligibility: New students only. Average of the immediate preceding two years is at least 80 percent. All prospective students will be automatically considered for these scholarships.


Previous 2 Years’ AverageAmount Rewarded (CAD)
≥ 95%$4,000
≥ 90%$3,000
≥ 85%$2,000
≥ 80%$1,000


The maximum number of scholarships to be awarded at each of the amounts in the table above is 10.


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EMC offers several scholarships of varying amounts for both new or returning students who will be enrolled in either Package A or Package A+. There are three categories of scholarships.

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